Call +371 66 259 000 and challenge our Artifical Inteligence.

Our voice bot can answer questions about the topic of your interest with great detail. It can generate sales text, and recipes, explain things, resolve conflicts, write poems, stories, and much more!

It can also help you with homework or work stuff that you've been puzzled about in a conversation like way, but remember, Its answers may not always be precise so don't take what it says for granted, more of a hint or an idea you can go off on.

Keep in mind that if you want your answers to better match what you're looking for, make your questions as detailed and specific as you can.

How to use it?

1. Dial the phone number +371 66 259 000 and select your preferred language - Latvian, English or Russian.

2. Ask your question and wait for about 4 seconds.

3. If you don't want to wait for the answer to finish, you can press # to skip playback.

4. The AI Voice Bot remembers what you have said before, this function can also help you continue a conversation on the same topic.

5. Have fun with AI Voice Bot


It is possible to feed a large amount of datasets about your company into the AI to train it, so it can provide better customer support and create better interactions between your company and clients. If the AI cannot help a client, it will provide an option to connect the client to a support agent of the company. It can adapt to any kind of theme the company might be based around, like Pharmacies, Telecommunication, Banking, Cinemas and a lot more.

If needed, it can also speak different languages outside the default ones depending on your needs. We can also train a custom voice model to better fit what you're looking for.


We created this AI chatbot to display the possibilities of our service. This serves as a representation of what heights our company can achieve. Learn more about our privacy and data collection.

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