Empower yourself with TelTel API

Explore, automate and integrate. Our API is fully accessible - allowing you a vast playground of opportunities for your business development. Whether it is Voice, SMS, WebPhone or detailed call event tracking with WebHooks, our systems can be fully integrated in any custom CRM with comprehensive TelTel API documentation.

Calls and call events

Place voice calls via API. Receive detailed call events on call progress statuses via Webhook or WebSocket. Download call list with audio recordings.

SMS text

Send simple SMS text or automate your service with 2Factor authentication by sending SMS codes. Send marketing campaigns using bulk methods. For each SMS receive events using Webhook or download SMS list. We support 2-way SMS – receive inbound SMS via Webhook or email.


Embed our Webphone into Your own solution (CRM or ERP, Website) with simple few lines Javascript. Receive and make secure encrypted calls from Internet browser - Your system. Don’t worry about agents, they will be authorized automatically via API by logging into Your CRM system with their logins.

Autodialer and Robocalls

Control TelTel autodialer and robocalls campaigns with few lines of code. You can crate campaign and configure call flow scenario – for example, campaign will call to contact and play custom IVR, then send an SMS text. Using API you can add contact to predefined campaign and instantly system will process new contact.


The functionality is very simple: our server connects to your phone(A leg) and then the phone(B leg) of the person you want to reach. Both connections are made via the telephone line or SIP, so there is no need to use the internet or any other program.

Open API documentation TelTel API guide

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